Hi ladies, firstly - I’m so excited that you have landed here! It’s my mission and purpose to connect with, and educate and inspire as many women in the motherhood years that I can, to put their physical and mental wellbeing at the forefront, for both their own health and happiness and that of their families.

Let's Grow Together

I’ve created RoseFit as the culmination of my knowledge over the past 13 years in the physiotherapy, fitness and yoga industry, and specialist training in Pregnancy, Postpartum and Pelvic Floor and Core over the past number of years. I’ve also experienced 3 pregnancies in the last 4.5 years and as a result have 3 beautiful boys, and know I’m a better mum when I’m feeling physically and mentally fit and well. There is a plethora of information on pregnancy and postpartum thrown around, the hard part is filtering the right and important information for YOU. Just because a celebrity posts a pregnancy "safe" workout on their Instagram page, doesn't mean it's founded in an understanding of the best way to move YOUR body. I teach you the science behind your body in pregnancy and how to be your own health and fitness cheerleader, whilst providing intelligent movement systems for you to easily follow, anywhere, any time. We need to “fit our own oxygen masks” to be able to assist our burgeoning families to flourish and grow- XO ROSIE

“My other passion is my business Lenny Rose Active, a premium active and supportwear range for the pregnancy to motherhood journey. You are still YOU, as a mother, you are still WOMAN, and our pieces reflect this - all of the support you need for your changing body, with NONE of the maternity vibes.” 


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